Guatemalan Strictly Hard Bean


Peruchin Coffee Co. is born from a family tradition and a true love of Coffee. Our grandfather, Peruchin, began and ended his day with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. One of our fondest memories was sitting around the table in the evening drinking coffee with Peruchin listening to music. Peruchin had a full head of white hair and would joke with all his grandchildren that his hair was white because he showered with milk. Though he had a tough exterior he was quite loving and embedded in all of us the importance of family unity and creating unforgettable memories. In 1997 we lost Peruchin to a tragic accident. To this day, the coffee aroma reminds us of those beautiful moments with him. Thus, this coffee brand honors his legacy and the beautiful moments he created with his family.

Guatemala’s Premium Gourmet Coffee.

To many, Coffee is life. Not just for those who drink it, but also for those who grow, cultivate, and harvest coffee as a way to make a living. Guatemala has approximately 125,000 coffee producers. Out of Guatemala’s 340 municipalities approximately 204 of them produce coffee. Guatemala benefits from high altitudes and approximately 300 microclimates to grow premium coffee. Guatemala for the most part grows Arabica beans, some of the major Arabica beans are: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon etc. Guatemala has been successful at establishing eight regions known for growing Strictly Hard Beans (SBH) which means the beans were grown in altitudes above 4,500 feet.


Guatemalan premium gourmet coffee has successfully made its way into the U.S., European, Japanese, and Canadian markets (among others). While traditionally coffee was seen as merely a beverage, today coffee is used in sauces, energy drinks, pre and post workout products, and different cakes/pastries. All cups of coffee are not made equal. Each cup of coffee has a profile that is dependent on the way the cherry is picked, processed, and roasted. Each stage is important to ensure a quality cup of coffee at each serving. The new trend is brewing coffee with cold water and infusing it with nitrogen to provide it with a creamy head similar to draft beer. Peruchn Coffee Co. purchases direct trade coffee from the region of Fraijanes nestled near the Pacaya Volcano one of Guatemala’s many volcanoes, which explains the region’s volcanic pumice enriched soil. Guatemalan Coffee is among the best coffee in the World. We hope you enjoy your first cup of Peruchin and the many that will follow.